Who Needs ClassiMate?

You be the Judge.

Who Needs ClassiMate?

As livestock breeders, we get it. Visual assessments of your livestock is frustrating. It’s a tough process with no supporting tools and often meaningless results.

Usually only the most progressive and conscientious breeders invest the time and energy into it. They know the benefits and use existing assessment protocols in their visual assessments.

The results can be as frustrating as the process.

A relatively meaningless score is provided, one that sometimes only identifies whether animal A or B is superior on a given day. Some assessment systems may provide a certificate.

Other breeders rely on their own assessment criteria, creating a mix of notes and photos and verbal observations. It’s almost impossible to get a unified, easily-understandable and useful set of data from this.

Breeders end up guessing and not assessing.

ClassiMate is here to change that.

The ClassiMate Solution

We understand that you’d love to have valid and measurable data on your livestock. We also get that  up to this point you can’t justify the inputs versus return.

ClassiMate founder Angus Burnett-Smith took inspiration from this. He saw the need for a robust, user-friendly visual livestock assessment tool for Australian breeders. It would need to:

– Provide uniform, comparable and easy to interpret visual assessments;

– Be time efficient, allowing breeders to quickly generate crush-side assessments;

– Be cost-effective, maximising returns for motivated breeders.

– Have easily shareable results that can be distributed to clients, buyers and interested stakeholders.

And so the ClassiMate app was born. Australian livestock breeders can now perform a visual assessment of an animal in around 60-seconds, and instantly share the results via email or social media.

It’s a game-changer.

Which Livestock Breeders can use ClassiMate?

Motivated commercial and seed stock producers eager to improve the return on their herds will love the ClassiMate app. It has two assessment formats for them to use:

Detailed Assessment:  For stud-based breeders looking to gather a high level of data on their herd;

Commercial Assessment: For large scale commercial breeders looking to obtain a fast herd performance snap shot.

Currently ClassiMate has assessment criteria available for:

  • Beef cattle;
  • Dairy cattle;
  • Meat sheep;
  • Meat goats;
  • Dairy goats.

Our intention is to engage with global breeding groups to define breed-specific criteria. This will allow us to provide solutions tailored towards specific breed types.

If you want to learn more about how ClassiMate can help improve the returns on your livestock breeding program, give us a ring today.

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