Create New Animal (in app) 

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Step One


– Click the “+” on the dashboard

– Click ‘Breed Type’ from your pre-configured Breeds*

To add an additional Breed go to < Dashboard, < Profile < Add Another

 – Fill in Tag Number*, Use DOB selector*, And Select Male or Female

-Remaining information is not mandatory. 


*Hint- Add Sires and Dams of your progeny first so you can link them correctly to populate Sire and Dam reports. 


Step Two


– Sires and Dams must be added previously to appear in the Sires and Dams list to be selected and linked to their progeny. This enables the Sire and Dam Reports to generate correctly.  

 – Click “Add Photos” and use a (Landscape Orientated ONLY) image from your gallery or select camera to take an image of the animal.

– You can add multiple images and select your preference(s) when running an Ad. 

 – Click ‘Save’

Step Three


– Success!

* By upgrading your account you can upload animals in Bulk using your PC Dashboard and spreadsheet uploader.