Transfer Animal(s) and Feedback 

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Exisiting Receiving - User Codes


– Receiving user needs to provide sender with their ‘Secret Code and User ID’

– Dashboard < Profile < Transfer and Assessor Codes

– Either use the existing code or create a new one (Creating a new one will make all the previously supplied codes unusable).

– You can copy and paste these codes to the sender.  


Sender - Transferring Stock


– Select the animal(s) to be transferred on the ‘My Stock’ screen. You can refine your search by using the filters and ‘Select Button’ (Horizontal lines with a tick) 

 – Click ‘Selected Animals’ 

– Then Click ‘Transfer Animals’

-To transfer to an Exisiting ClassiMate User – enter the ID and Code received via step one. 

– To Transfer to a New ClassiMate User – enter their email address. 


Sender - Transfer Check


– You can check the status of the transfer by visiting ‘Pending Transfers’

– Dashboard < Transfers < Pending Transfers.


Receiver - Accept Stock Transfer


– Click ‘Transfers Requested’ in the lefthand menu.

– Select the transfer batch you would like to view

– Confirm the animals you’d like to transfer to your account

TIP- Make sure your account stock limit is sufficient to cater for all the incoming stock. 


Receiver - Provide Feedback


– After you’ve accepted a Transfer click ‘Provide Feedback’

– Review the quality of your Assessment.

Remember- This is not a review on the quality of your livestock its on the quality of the assessment provided with the animals. This review will form part of the senders profile.