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Support Documentation 

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First Time Registration


– Opening your app

-Validating your email

-Setting up your account


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Create an Animal- (In app)


– Create New Animal

-Add Photo


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Animal Assessment


– Assess an Animal

-The Wizard

-Primary Assessment and Critical Traits


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Share Graph


– Generate Share Graph

-Sending Share Graph


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Bulk Upload


– Bulk Upload Stock straight to your app

– Bulk Update existing stock 


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Transfer Stock- Feedback


– Transfer Stock (Sender)

– Receive Stock (Receiver)

– Sending Feedback Review


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Independent Classification


– Breeder – Provide Access

– Assessor Gain Access

– Assessor ‘Classification’ Process


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More Help to Come

Bookmark this page to check in regularly. We are regularly updating our help documentation to show you all the great features in the Classimate App.


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