Does your Breed deserve a dedicated Structural Assessment?


Are you part of Breeding Group looking to take the next step?

If you are part of a Breed Society or Breeding group and have an interest in offering your members with a structural assessment program that:

  • Utilises the ClassiMate assessment system together with your Breed Standard.
  • Provides a useful training aid for new breeders
  • Establishes a standardised assessment criterion
  • Removes personal bias’s from the Livestock Assessment process
  • Provides valid and comparable data for your membership

Then we would like to engage with you.

Contact us to learn how ClassiMate can help meet the requirements of your breeding group through the establishment of a robust and accurate assessment system.




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Does your breed deserve a dedicated Structural Assessment application?

ClassiMate is now offering Breed Society/Group collaboration opportunities to build breed specific Structural Assessments tailored to your breed.

    • Remove bias’ from the assessment process
    • Appoint your own Independant Assessors
    • Assessment that aligns with your Breeds objectives and adheres to your Breed Standard
    • Generate Quality Assurance Data that youve never seen before