Visual Livestock Assessment made easy.


If you aren’t Assessing,

You’re only Guessing!

If you can’t measure it,

you can’t improve it.

ClassiMate allows you to visually evaluate the quality of your livestock by taking you through a series of prompts related to the animal’s structure and overall correctness.

The platform then generates an overall quality score that is measured against industry-accepted ideals. 

Measure. Manage. Market.

Intuitively measure the visual livestock attributes.

Manage your data and make informed breeding decisions

Market your stock with relevant visual assessment data.


What ClassiMate can do for you. 

Measure the (Previously) unmeasurable

Until now the science of visual livestock assessment has been subjective and  unreliable…

Until now…


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Re-Brand your Brand

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Taking Stock 


ClassiMate allows me to identify trends in my heard that leads to the implementation of an improved – database and breeding strategies. 

- Colin Ramsey

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