Independent Classification 

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Breeder- Provide Access


– In order for an Assessor to gain access to a Breeders database the Breeder must provide access by providing their User ID and Secret code to the Assessor.

Dashboard > Profile > Transfer and Assessment Codes

Tip- The assessor will continue to have access until the Breeder generates a new code. 

 – The Breeder can copy and paste their credentials to the Breeder.



Assessor - Access Breeders Database


– An Assessor can access a breeders database from their own account/device when they have approval to do so.

– Click ‘Classify’ on the dashboard.

– Click ‘Ok’ on the pop up

– Click ‘Add Breeder’ and enter the Breeders (previously provided) ‘User ID’ and ‘Secret Code’



Assessor - Classification (1)


– Select the Breeder in the ‘Classify Animals’ screen

– Search for the Animal to Classify and Select it

– Select ‘Assess Animal’



Assessor - Classification (2)


– Assess the animal using the selected Criterion select ‘Submit’

– Animals ‘Assessed’ by a logged in Assessor become ‘Classified’ and are denoted with an Orange Ribbon (Breeder Assessed animals display a Grey Ribbon) 

– When a share graph is generated the animal is called ‘Classified’ and is identified by an Orange Ribbon with the Assessors Name and date of Classification recorded.

TIP- The animal will remain ‘Classified’ until the breeder ‘Re-assesses’ the animal at which tip it will return to a Breeder Assessed status. 

 REMEMBER- The Assessor will only have access to the breeders database while the Secret code is current. If a Breeder regenerates their secret code the link breaks and needs to be re-provided for the next assessment.