First Time Registration 

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Step One

– Click ‘Create New Account’

– Click Email




Step Two


– Fill in ‘My Details’

– Click Submit

-Advance to Code Validation screen

-Check your emails. (Please check your Junk Folders)


Step Three


– Retrieve your validation code from your emails

-Enter your code and click “Verify Now”

– Login using your credentials.


Profile - Step One


– Enter your Farm and Location details*

– Upload your Profile Picture

– Set up your Livestock

  1.  – Select Species- You can add more later (You add change later)
  2.  – Select ‘Breed(s)’ (You add change later)
  3.  -Select ‘Assessment Criteria’ (You can change later)
  4.  – Select ‘Detailed’ Assessment Type (More tools coming later)


Profile - Step Two


– Success!

If you have had any issues please contact support@classimate.com.au

If you havent recieved your valiadtion email- support can validate your account for you.