What is ClassiMate?

You be the Judge.

What is ClassiMate?

ClassiMate is an app bringing BIG changes to the livestock breeding industry.

Designed by breeders for breeders, it’s a completely mobile livestock visual assessment system. Complex assessments can be done in as little as 60 seconds per animal. A range of tools are then instantly available to engage with your client base.

We’re talking a smoother, faster, more efficient assessment process with rapid, complex results and insights.

It’s time for assessing, not guessing. It’s time for ClassiMate.

How ClassiMate Works

ClassiMate livestock assessments have a strong focus on ease of use. Breeders complete a series of prompts, inputting their observations of key industry-relevant traits.

The ClassiMate complex algorithm then goes to work. It takes into account the desirability of traits and the particular animal’s ‘variation from ideal’. The breeder’s inputs are then used to provide an overall assessment score for the animal.

It’s a fast, easy process with in-depth, previously unobtainable results. Breeders get a detailed analysis of an animals genetic phenotype, and can analyse animal, herd or breed developments over time.

ClassiMate Marketing Tools

ClassiMate has developed a batch of marketing tools to help livestock breeders identify opportunities, engage with their client base and drive conversions.

These include:

Share Graph: The entire visual livestock assessment is broken down in a shareable document. It includes the assessors name, assessment criteria used, data assessed, trait scores, the total score for the animal and a photograph of the animal.

Breeders can email or SMS this to their clients, or share it on any of their social media channels.

Free In-App Advert: You can reach other breeders on ClassiMate by promoting your livestock to them with a free in-app advert.

ClassiMate Extensive Reports

Informed breed development decisions are much easier thanks to ClassiMate’s extensive reports on the strengths and weaknesses of your herd. These instantly available reports include:

– Sires Report: A look at a sire’s performance with regard to the heritable traits it’s delivering to its progeny, compared with the herd average;

– Dam Report: A breakdown of a dam’s performance in terms of the heritable traits it’s delivering to its progeny, compared with the herd average;

– Trait vs Trait: An animals performance can be measured by comparing one trait vs another;

– Trends Report: Your livestock’s phenotypical performance over time is measured and presented;

– Herd Reports: A full cross section of your herd strengths and weaknesses is presented.

These reports are based on the ClassiMate robust visual livestock assessment. It’s a process that gathers extensive data free of personal bias, presenting it in easily comprehended, shareable formats.
For more information on how to streamline your visual assessments and marketing processes with ClassiMate, get in touch with our team.

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