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Quick Assess  

You spoke. We listened!

You wanted a faster way to add an animal and get strait to Assessing.

Here it is! 

1) Click the New ‘Quick Assess’ icon on the home screen

2) Type in the animals Tag/ID

– If the Tag/ID is recognised on the Database you can quickly select the animal you want to asses.

– If the Tag/ID is a new animal you can select the sex, breed type and create a new animal

3)  You are then straight into the Assessment screen.

-Use the “All Ideals” feature and edit the traits that require adjustment for even faster processing.

4) The Assessment screen now has a handy quick access camera button if you catch the animal in the perfect stance for that ideal photo. 

 Independent Assessors*

You can download a breeders database with their permission and use the quick assess feature to search and assess any animals across all your connected databases (with or without connection) You can now also take photos and add them to your clients animal records.

Independent assessment just got way easier! 

 *Assessors must be approved by ClassiMate admin. 

Click Play to view Demo

Dashboard Image Upload

 You spoke. We listened!

You wanted a a way to drag and drop photos from your desktop strait into your app.

Here it is! 

1) Visit your dashboard web address from your desk top.

Click Here 

Use your app account login credentials to access your dashboard account. 

2) Search for the animal and Drag and Drop (or Browse and Select) the image you want to display for the animal.  You can add multiple images.  These will update the app automatically.