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Livestock Visual Assement. Made Easy 


Business as Unusual

  In response to unusual times we are currently of a road trip throughout rural Australia giving breeders the opportunity to see the benefits of Measured Visual Assessment through a live demo on their own stock in their own yards.


All for the price of a cup of tea and a biscuit!

If you’d like to see if you are on our Road Trip path- contact us here.  

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Join our Road Trip

Proir to the official release of the Classimate App we are travelling throughout Australia giving breeders an opportunity to learn how ClassiMate can help you business. Contact us to see if you are in the path of our road trip. 


'Early Bird' Package

Prior to the ClassiMate’s offical release we are giving a select group of breeders the opportunity to become an early bird user to help shape the platforms key functionality prior to its broader release.


For AUD $200 you’ll receive the platforms full functionality for a year and you’ll become part of the foundation user group that will become a key contributor towards shaping this platform for the marketplace.

If you are passionate about Ag Innovation and Visual Assessment- this is for you.